Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

Private Medicals (Employment, Insurance Etc)

Dr Janice Chin can undertake medical examinations on your behalf and complete the necessary paperwork, for example for employers or insurance companies. There is a charge for this service. If you would like to arrange a private medical you should call the practice and ask to speak to our Secretary.  The Secretary will check and advise what the cost for the medical is - payment must be made before an appointment for the medical will be arranged. Once payment has been received an appointment date and time will be issued by the Secretary.  Please note that if you fail to attend the medical appointment and do not give us at least 48 hours notice that you are unable to attend no refund will be given.  If 48 hours notice or more is give a 50% refund will be given.

Medical Certificates

The law says you may self certify your illness for seven days before any need for an official Department of Health sick note. Your employer should provide you with a self certification (SC2) so that you can declare your illness (legally you do not need this for the first three days of your illness). If your illness continues for more than seven days, under the NHS your GP can issue an official Department of Health statement (called the Fit Note) as a statement of your illness.

Please note, if you require a sick note for an illness of fewer than seven days' duration, a private doctor's statement may be requested. The fee for this statement is £18.00, which is a set BMA Rate, to be met by the patient or the employer.

Occupational Health Vaccines

The practice does not provide these services. Patients should consult with their occupational health provider for assistance.

Fees for Non NHS Services - June 2019